My favorite tiny intros of all time


Even before I started sizecoding myself, I have followed the demoscene (as well as the sizecoding scene) for a while.
So in this blogpost I wanted to share with you 10 tiny intros that have stuck with me over the years and that are definitely worth watching.

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, by: Tomcat/Abaddon

Tomcat really pulled all the stops with this intro. Technically amazing, great colors and perfect buildup. Telling people in the audience that it uses advanced VESA functionality and then the realisation when looking at the sourcecode that everything from the rotating Penrose to the shadowcasting was crafted by hand, was the final reveal that made my jaw drop. This intro ticks all the right boxes for me.

Immediate Railways, by: Digimind

I remember first seeing this intro as it was shown in a live settings on youtube. Aside from the technical marvel required to make this all work, I very much like the way this intro sets itself up with each new reveal. Absolutely brilliant work!

Symetrie, by: Rrrola

Most people might know Rrrola from his amazing Puls intro, but Symetrie might be my favorite of all his intros. The colorscheme and visuals are just mesmarising. I even thought he was using some kind of true-color mode to make this all happen, but then it turns out it is a really great palette with even beter use of colors to match the effect. Looks even more stunning in hires!

Stainless Steel, by: Digimind

Raytraced reflections at its best. It still amazes me how Digimid crammed all of this into only 256 bytes. The movement of the spheres is like watching a ballet in 256 bytes.

Above, by: Sensenstahl

This intro just oozes design and class. From the usage of colors to the visuals. Sensenstahl at his best

Megapole , by: Baudsurfer/TRSI

Some might say Baudsurfer ran his Raycasting scheme for too long, and I might agree there. But I think this intro is one of the finest example of what can be achieved with raycasting. The bottom up perspective really conveys a sense of scale and the flying cars really add to the immersion of this intro.

Pyrit, by: Rrrola

My second favorite Rrrola intro is Pyrit. Which shows you how 3D Ray-Object intersections can be done with class. The code is also amazingly clean and really shows off the skills of the author.

Spongy, by Mentor/TBC

This 128 byte intro is a gem of its own. Even with just the default greyscale coloring, the fog and lighting really convey a true sense of depth. Quality camera motion as well!

Puls, by Rrrola

Of all the work Rrrola did, this is the intro that made it big. Its a fine piece of technology with decent coloring and ofcourse the introduction of the 0xcccd trick.

Somehow, by: Frag/Sqrt and Provod/Jetlag

One of the finest examples of softsynth i've heard in a 256byte intro. The ever changing visuals complement the audio perfectly! This intro just oozes class.

I hope you will enjoy these awesome intros as much as i do!

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